The 2016 Electoral Pledge of the National Youth Congress on Food, Nutrtion & Ecological Agriculture

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Read excerpts from the National Youth Congress on Food, Nutrition & Ecological Agriculture's pledge as they work to make ecological agriculture and food security part of the 2016 national and local elections.

Read excerpts from the National Youth Congress on Food, Nutrition & Ecological Agriculture's pledge as they work to make ecological agriculture and food security part of the 2016 national and local elections.

Join the Greenpeace Philippines #IAmHampasLupa electoral campaign to support their work.


“National Youth Congress on Food, Nutrition & Ecological Agriculture: Securing Our Agriculture, Securing the Future of our Food”

Our Call, Our Commitment

We are deeply concerned with what is happening around us, especially: the continuing mass poverty in urban and rural areas; the degradation of our environment; and the destruction of vital natural upland, urban, lowland, marine and aquatic ecosystems linked to development aggression, graft and corruption, irresponsible use of natural resources and the adverse effects of climate change.

We are greatly alarmed over the loss of biosphere integrity and the degradation of indigenous knowledge in agricultural systems and practices. Due to the convenience of technologies in farming, many resorted to adopt these methods without regard to the harmful effects they pose to the environment. These threats are due to the apathetic attitude of some towards caring for, preserving and protecting our environment and indigenous knowledge on farming.

We are now acting to defend and advance our rights and aspirations towards the enjoyment of a balanced and healthful ecology. Therefore, we also protect, promote, and practice ecological agriculture, which we believe is the answer to the country’s food security and sovereignty.

We are greatly motivated to work towards securing nutritious and safe food produced through ecological agriculture that supports and upholds sustainable environment.

Engaging constructively and critically the government and other sectors, and in the light of the coming 2016 National and Local Elections, we shall work to:

  1. Call on the national and local governments to strictly implement policies and programs that address food security and food sovereignty issues;
  2. Call on our presidential candidates and congressional leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate to prioritize food sovereignty and ecological agriculture in crafting their respective electoral platforms and legislative agenda including the completion of effective and efficient agrarian reform, more funding support to Philippine agriculture especially higher subsidies to ecological agriculture programs, education and research, farmers’ field schools and support services and the strengthening of national and local agri-fishery structures;
  3. Call on our presidential candidates and national and local government leaders to advocate and implement for the continuity of relevant social reform and poverty alleviation programs especially the grassroots participatory budgeting or bottom up budgeting and installing measures strengthening the participation of the youth, the farmers and other basic sectors in the planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and enacting of collective actions of such programs in the localities;
  4. Call on or presidential candidates and national and local leaders to formulate progressive legislations that will regulate and monitor industries that pose significant threat on environment and agriculture, and they should make a stand against coal fired power plants, mining, GMOs, destructive timber logging, agricultural aerial spraying, and others;
  5. Call all government sectors to strictly implement RA 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA), RA 10068 or Organic Agriculture Act, National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act, Renewable Energy Act, Agrarian Reform Law as amended, and other environmental laws;
  6. Call on DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) to strictly monitor their mandates to local government units to enact appropriate ordinances, policies and plans mandating various communities and households to curb pollution, ensure proper waste management, and to create backyard/urban organic food gardens and water conservation schemes and practices for sustainable community development;
  7. Call the Congress to review, revisit, and amend RA 10068 also known as the Organic Agriculture Law of 2010 most especially the provision on Third Party Certificating Body; to amend and formulate systematic criteria for the certification based on various factors, such as but not limited to, the farmer’s land area and income;
  8. Call on all concerned national government agencies to have collaboration with Greenpeace and other CSOs in promoting the #IAmHampaslupa National Youth Congress on food, nutrition, and ecological agriculture as an annual gathering of young people to care about the future of Philippine agriculture, support Filipino farmers, inspire the youth to act and do their part to help secure the future of our food and farming by putting food and agriculture as a major agenda;
  9. Call all the government agencies, non-government agencies, and private sectors to prohibit the use of plastics and non-biodegradable materials during conventions, meetings, and other events;
  10. Call the government to have doable plans encouraging the youth to engage in agri-fisheries; and
  11. Call the government to give legal and technical support to people who are protecting and guarding our environment.

Acting in solidarity with our farmers, we shall strive to:

  1. Campaign and lobby for ecological farming and sustainable food practices and policies that conserve water, protect the soil and ecosystems in our localities and communities;
  2. Do our share in agro-reforestation activities in denuded forest areas and grow indigenous and endemic trees on unused and available spaces so as to secure the biodiversity of our flora and fauna, ensure sufficient food supply, and build adaptive capacity to climate change; and
  3. Help build and promote the humanist and ecological values and indigenous farming practices, and to strengthen the capacities of young farmers and young people towards sustainable rural and urban development. 

From the three major island groups of the Philippines, our people continue to struggle for our dignity and humanity, for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources, and our sacred ways of life, towards sustainable development.

We, the Filipino youth, commit ourselves to our farmers and people’s struggle for food sovereignty and ecological agriculture. We are and must become Hampaslupa.







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