THE SIDE-BY-SIDE—January 5, 2016 Front Page Analysis


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All of the newspapers deemed the progress of Sen. Grace Poe’s disqualification case as one of if not the central story of January 5, 2016—except for the Inquirer, which was the lone paper to omit its coverage from the front page. (The only presence of the 2016 elections in the Inquirer’s front page today was in the form of a jab to V.P. Binay with the relayed report that investors may be wary of his election.) 

The Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin reported on the 3 SC justices inhibiting themselves from Poe’s case, with the Star’s coverage including a subheading highlighting that “Solgen backs SET ruling” in Poe’s favor, which the Bulletin did not expressly call out, outside of the article itself. Meanwhile, this show of support for Poe by the Solicitor General was the story for The Standard, with that headline emblazoned across the top of its front page. (The most striking aspect, however, is The Standard’s use of almost its entire front page for a photo of an anti-Pnoy and anti-Abaya rally highlighting the administration’s unkept promises regarding progress on the LRT 1.)

The Daily Tribune, meanwhile, sits on the opposite end with the headline story that of Former Sen. Kit Tatad advocating the dismissal of the temporary restraining order preventing Comelec from moving forward to entirely nullify Poe’s candidacy. The Tribune also highlights the Comelec law department’s reported study of the criminal case against Poe for electoral offenses committed in 2013. The Manila Times also features Poe several times across its front page, with full drama as it spells a “foretaste” of “doom” for the candidate!