Hooray for the Inquirer pushing aside politics to recognize that this was...really funny (and inappropriate?)


Hooray for the Inquirer pushing aside politics to recognize that this was...really funny (and inappropriate?)

The paper that critics often charge is a "Yellow/Liberal Party paper" showed none of that political bias yesterday when it did us all a solid and recognized how funny this speech was. The Philippine Daily Inquirer Mindanao published this commentary on Korina Sanchez's speech at an event where she accompanied Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala in distributing P54 million worth of assistance to farmers in Davao del Sur. Our favorite sarcastic lines from the Inquirer's reporting on the event appear in subsections of the article called: 'Plastic watches' and 'TV on farms?' (The titles of these subsection alone are pretty amazing.)


"'Mar is very simple and he likes to wear tattered shirts in the house all the time,' Sanchez said. 'The expensive clothes I bought for him remain unworn.' Plastic watches. Roxas also dislikes wearing expensive accessories in public, Sanchez said. 'Even the expensive watch I bought for him has not been used because he prefers to use the plastic ones,' she said. For testimony, she asked farmers from Hagonoy, Bansalan and Santa Cruz if they had seen Roxas wearing expensive watches in TV interviews. TV on farms? 'Didn’t you notice that?' she asked. Nobody contradicted her, but it wasn’t clear whether it was because the farmers were so poor they don’t have television sets or because there was no electricity on the farms so they could not watch television. Roxas is a tough sell, ranking third in the voter preference polls for May’s presidential election, but Sanchez tried anyway, doing an analogy in which she likened the presidency to driving a school bus. How's that again? '


Then, the Inquirer went still further and brought up a potential problem here of premature campaigning. Hardly the "Yellow" paper that critics often charge the Inquirer to be, in this article the Inquirer Mindanao gets our sense of humor and our worries. Well done.


Orlando Dinoy, "Korina: Mar wears tattered shirts at home," Philippine Daily Inquirer