To transcend the longstanding impediments of our political system and to deepen our democracy, we must empower and involve the Philippine people in governance and hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents and to their country. PAMPUBLIKO provides the platform, tools, and stimulus for these changes.

PAMPUBLIKO is a policy discussion platform that provides a public resource for the Philippine citizenry to engage with governance, and that seeks to reorient the mainstream political conversation away from personality politics and towards policy discussion. 

BANTAY PUBLIKO is our section for satire, prose, and media and social critique. Part watchdog and part prose blog, it aims to be critical, thoughtful, and creative above all.

Independence of thought is the privilege and cornerstone of our democracy. It is our responsibility to safeguard it by deeply educating ourselves, genuinely engaging with opposing positions, and constructing our own informed conclusions. This is the bedrock upon which we as individuals may first involve ourselves in national governance, and it is the bedrock from which we will together advance our shared Philippine future. 


We believe that the prevailing political discourse should be premised on substantive discussions of policy, and that these discussions must be more inclusive and accessible — not merely the province of academia and legislators. PAMPUBLIKO's mission is to aid good governance by democratizing public policy discussion, fostering citizen engagement with long-term governance, and deepening the mainstream political discourse. 


We seek to be a productive partner in the Philippine political landscape by facilitating broader intellectual engagement with civic issues.

PAMPUBLIKO's vision is to: 1) serve as an educational public resource, providing information on our nation’s most pressing issues; 2) generate and aggregate innovative research-based policy solutions; 3) provide a discussion lab enabling citizens to contribute their perspectives and opinions; and 4) promote an objective, critical, and free press. 


values: democracy and civic responsibility; non-partisanship and anti-sensationalism; integrity, innovation and criticality; people’s empowerment and inclusive governance.



Originally from the Philippines, Nicole holds Ph.D., M.Phil, and M.A. degrees in Southeast Asian and International History from Yale University, where she specialized in intellectual and political history. Nicole earned her B.A. in History from the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at both the universities of Harvard in the U.S. and Cambridge in the U.K. Ask her about Pan-Asianism and visions of alternate world order, if you really want to get her going.

She worked for the Office of the Chief Economist at the Philippines's Department of Finance, shepherding the Economic Development Cluster's priority reforms regarding food security and comprehensive tax reform. Her personal advocacy centers on LGBTQ rights and sex work in the Philippines.

Nicole wrote a monthly opinion column for The Manila Times, and has contributed to The Manila Review and The Philippine Starbut has had her poetry rejected by every single outlet she's approached.


nc founder sam


Sam Ramos-Jones was born and raised in the Philippines. He has a background in political research and analysis, policy formation, and digital media. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in Political Economy from Yale University. Since returning to the Philippines in 2015, he has accumulated experience in a broad range of public policy matters including: peace and security, socioeconomic development, and foreign policy. In 2016 he worked as an organizing team member on the executive committee of the Department of Finance’s Sulong Pilipinas forum in Davao. Later that same year Sam served as the Executive Assistant to the Office of the Special Envoy to China, Department of Foreign Affairs. Currently, he supports the work of the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation (RPDEV), as Former President Fidel V. Ramos’s Executive Assistant. In his free time, Sam enjoys reading historical non-fiction, scuba diving, shooting, and vintage video games.




EirollManalo 3


Eiroll trained in journalism at The Manila Times and has since written for various national publications. Also an educator, he teaches courses on development journalism, photography and audio-visual production at a state university.

An advocate of community development and scholastic journalism, he devotes a lot of his time working with community-based organizations and campus publications. He recently co-founded Matalaw, a youth-oriented volunteer organization based in Batangas City.

In his free time, he can be found in bookstores annoying salespeople with questions about science fiction anthologies and where he can get them. When things get too loud, he’ll find a corner to pore over his worn paperback of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.




A native of Cabuyao, Laguna, Paeng studied Development Communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. He then proceeded to work for various organizations ranging from popular magazines to international research institutes. Passionate about sharing knowledge, he taught college courses in writing and communication for a little over five years.

With sweaty palms, Paeng is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at the De La Salle University College of Law. When he's not busy poring over law books and cases, he curates live playlists on Mixlr, discusses fan theories with fellow A Song of Ice and Fire junkies, or attempts channelling his inner Emmanuel Lubezki. If given the chance, he intends to have a go at litigation as well as return to teaching.





Uriel works as a Foreign Affairs Research Specialist at the Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies, the foreign policy think tank of the Foreign Service Institute.

He recently graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Political Science, concentration in Global Politics. He was also an exchange student at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he took courses in politics, economics, and literature. He was formerly an intern for the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as a volunteer for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in 2015.

In his spare time, Uriel enjoys perusing op-ed articles in The New York Times, reading classical works of literature, playing basketball, and hanging out with his friends.




Catherine Tan recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ateneo de Manila University, with a specialization on International Relations,  a double minor in Economics and French Studies, and an EU Program Award. She served as the founding editor-in-chief to r+d which is at once a print academic journal of transdisciplinarity, and a crit theory-loving student’s homage to her favorite space: the academe. This love of the academe is manifest in her works of satire, nonfiction, and fiction – the first of the latter being a 10,000-word long story rife with marginal annotations, soon to be published in Plural Prose Journal this mid-2017. Meanwhile, her nonfiction has been published in various avenues and received awards. In 2010, she won a Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature for youth nonfiction. 




Jill Arteche is a Filipino visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, based in Manila, Philippines. She is the recipient of Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Visual Arts (Illustration Category) in 2017, and has had her work exhibited in various avenues, such as the Globe Art Gallery, the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub in Japan, and the Ayala Museum, among others. Her work has been featured in various Filipino publications. See more of her via jillarteche.tumblr.com